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Are you interested in writing for WHEN? We are looking for blog posts and short articles that may fall into one of the following categories:

Practical — Articles that answer common questions about problems and issues pertaining to daily life. Diagnose the heart or source of the issue, and root your answer firmly in the finished work of Jesus, using Scripture to do so. We are looking for practical help for daily life issues—not pragmatism. We are looking for articles that are helpful to equip and encourage both new believers and seasoned Christians.

Devotional — These articles can be reflections on Scripture or practical helps for spiritual disciplines (e.g., reading the Bible, developing a habit of prayer, etc). Point the reader to Jesus in a way that causes them to love him more deeply and equips them to better orient themselves around the gospel. As with the first category, we are looking for devotionals that are applicable to both new believers and seasoned Christians.

Obviously, there is vast amount of topics that would fall in these two categories. We are prioritizing topics that could fall into these categories: Life Issues, Spiritual Growth, Christian Worldview, Family & Personal, New to Following Jesus, and Theology.

Suggested word count is 500-2000 words. Before submitting an article, please review our About page to read about our mission and beliefs.

All submissions must be in conformity with the Hosanna Revival Doctrinal Statement.
Submissions must be clear, rooted in Scripture, and written with both excellence and creativity.
We appreciate and desire biblical richness, but solid ideas written with excellence have the best chance of publication.
Please do not submit academic papers or essays.
Please do not send pitches or ideas; we are only interested in complete articles/posts at this time.
Please have a trusted peer review or edit your submission before sending it. While we are happy to correct grammatical or spelling errors, submissions with multiple typos and errors in the opening paragraph will likely not be considered further.
Please allow up to four weeks for a response. We appreciate your patience.

If you have read and agree to all of the above, please use the form provided to submit your article. Please attach a Microsoft WORD document or provide a link to a public Google Docs file.

Please note: submission of an article/post does not guarantee we will post it to our site. No compensation is offered for posts that are published on our site.

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Have an idea for a printed devotional?

WHEN is a blog by Hosanna Revival Publishing, which also publishes printed devotionals (sold in our shop). If you have a pitch for a devotional you would love to see published, we’d love to hear from you. Submit your devotional pitch below!

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Are you a photographer? Each article is paired with a stunning, high-resolution image from a creative in our community, so if you would like to contribute to our image database, please fill out the photography submission form on this page.

If you have photos you would like to submit to us for use across our site and to pair with articles, we would love to add them to our image database. Please review the terms and conditions fill out the form below and review the terms and conditions before submitting.

Upon submitting this form, you agree to allow us to add your photos to our image database. If your image is chosen for an article, we will credit you and link to your social media at the bottom of the article.

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