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WHEN is a blog by Hosanna Revival that seeks to encourage and challenge readers to seek the Scriptures for answers to life’s questions. WHEN is for Christians at all stages in their walk with Jesus—and for those who do not yet follow Jesus. From the beginning, our goal has been to provide a platform for these articles to be written by our community, for our community.

Each article on this site seeks to answer a specific question or address a specific problem relating to everyday life. Our articles are personal and applicable, written by women and men who have considered how to apply the gospel in their own lives. They graciously and faithfully remind our readers of the freedom found in Christ and in the power of his Word. 

We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we seek to point our readers to the Scriptures, because in them we find everything we need for life and godliness. Thank you for your interest in writing for us! 

Please note: all articles must be written in accordance with the Hosanna Revival Doctrinal Statement

WHEN Style

  • Articles should be 800-2,000 words.
  • Please use the ESV, CSB, or NLT for biblical references.
  • All direct quotes from Scripture will require parenthetical citations; all other quotes or general references to biblical ideas require footnote citations (Chicago Manual of Style).
    • In-text: We “pray without ceasing,” even when we don’t feel like it (1 Thessalonians 5:17).  
    • Footnote: Christians are to be known by their love for one another.1
  • Names that refer to God should be capitalized (e.g., Lord, King, Savior), but we do not capitalize deity pronouns (e.g., he, him, his). 
  • Always capitalize Bible, Word, and Scripture, but not biblical or scriptural.
  • Only capitalize gospel when referring to the canonical Gospels (e.g., the Gospels or The Gospel of Matthew).
  • Please use Oxford commas and em dashes (—). Note: em dashes are used without surrounding spaces.
  • Please check your article thoroughly for grammatical and spelling errors. Articles with poor grammar and spelling errors will not be considered. Note: minor grammatical and spelling errors will be edited by Hosanna Revival.
  • Please use Arial or Helvetica font, size 11 for your text.

WHEN Tone/Voice

When writing an article for WHEN, imagine a friend has confided in you about a particular fear, anxiety, or sin they are struggling with. Maybe they are struggling with anxiety over the results of an upcoming MRI. Perhaps they are struggling with anger and bitterness after their parents divorced after many years together. Their struggle is real and their heart is weary, but the Word of God is a healing balm and a light in dark places. What would you say to them? How would you point them to the sure promises of God in his Word? Write that.

We want to produce articles written with grace and gentleness; articles that encourage and challenge people where they are. We write as people who weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. We write as those who wrestle with the same hard questions and fears. We write not only to others, but to ourselves—we all need to be reminded of the hope of the gospel. Therefore, we seek to pair clear, theological truth with an empathetic and understanding tone.

Some might describe our tone as “conversational,” and that’s probably true. We want to convey important truths in everyday, relatable language—not lofty language that seeks to impress. We don’t want exorbitant prose; we want clear, biblical theology explained in natural ways. Stand firmly on the Word of God, and be understanding of those whose practical application may not look the same as yours.

Each article should finish with an “action plan” to apply the gospel to whichever circumstance or question was featured in the article (example: “Over the next few days, take this to the Lord by reading his Word, seeking him in prayer, and reflecting on the questions below”). Provide a few days of suggested Scripture reading and prayer prompts and/or reflection questions to aid them in the application of the Word to their situation.

WHEN Writing Tips

  • Spell out books of the Bible in all references (no abbreviations, please).
  • Use contractions to write simply and naturally.
  • Use inclusive language whenever possible.
    • Personal: As I read my Bible daily, God’s voice becomes more clear.
    • Inclusive: As we read our Bibles daily, God’s voice becomes more clear.
  • Write as clearly and concisely as possible to help clarify your point(s).
    • If you can cut a word or sentence without losing your point, do it.
    • Avoid using excessive colloquial language or obscure vocabulary.
  • Avoid “how-to” lists or overly-specific practical advice. This can marginalize readers, which is not helpful.
  • Write with grace and understanding; leave room for nuance and complexity.
    • Definitive: Women who photograph their Bible reading for Instagram idolize aesthetic and are seeking the praise of others.
    • Nuance: Art and beauty are gifts from God and can be used for his glory. They can also become objects of worship when we obsess over likes and shares and words of affirmation. It’s a matter of the heart.

Keep Your Eyes on the Gospel

At Hosanna Revival, we believe the Bible tells one unified story, from Genesis to Revelation. The story of the gospel unfolds across the pages of Scripture in what is sometimes called the “creation-fall-redemption-consummation” model. It’s not always easy to apply the gospel to real-life circumstances. We must work to understand theology and strive to articulate gospel truths in an applicable way. Storytelling can help readers grasp gospel concepts, but keep personal narrative to a minimum (no more than 25% of the article). Our personal stories and life experiences can be helpful, but only the Word of God and the power of the gospel can transform lives. Write with your eyes on the gospel.

Editing Process

If we choose to publish your submission, we will respond within 2-4 weeks. We may choose not to publish any given submission based on a variety of factors. If you haven’t heard from us in 2-4 weeks, you may assume we won’t be publishing your piece and you are free to submit it elsewhere. Don’t be discouraged—we understand writing takes heart, time, and effort, and you are always welcome to submit other articles in the future.

If your article is selected for publication, our editorial team will review and return your article with clearly marked changes for you to approve. Once the article has been approved, our editorial team may change the title and/or add a subtitle without seeking your permission or approval. Articles are planned out 1-3 months in advance from final edits to publish date. After your article has been published on the WHEN site, we ask that you wait a minimum of 90 days before submitting it for publishing elsewhere, with a byline that states the following: “This article originally appeared on WHEN, a Hosanna Revival blog.”

Book Promotion

We understand that some contributing authors may have published books. While we are grateful to work with such authors, we do not allow direct promotion of books within articles either through languages and/or links. Any sentences or statements that directly point readers to the author’s book will be removed. If you would like to include links to your book(s) or ministry in your writer’s bio, you are welcome to do so. In some cases, the editor or another member of the WHEN team may request additional promotion of a book within an article because it’s a recommendation or a team favorite. At the editor’s discretion and initiation, a link might be added to the article.


Please use the form below to submit your full article, fully formatted to the WHEN style and guidelines as posted above. Feel free to include links to your personal blog or website, book, and/or social media accounts in your bio. 

Please note: we do not currently offer compensation for articles that are published on our site.

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1 John 13:34