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Meet our WHEN authors below. We love partnering with writers from our community to bring you content that is rooted in Scripture and paired with each writer’s unique life experience. If you’re looking to write an article for us, submit your pitch here.

Meet Our Authors

Meet the writers we’ve partnered with and click on their names to navigate to the articles they’ve written. You may recognize some of them as Hosanna Revival staff, or authors of the printed devotionals we’ve published. You may recognize some of them from Instagram, or you may have never heard of them. Our goal is to create a platform to amplify these voices as they mine the Word, looking for the Scripture’s answers to life’s questions. We’re glad you’re here.

Alyssa Adkins is a married mother of three teenagers. She spent 12 years in the public school system as a teacher and principal before choosing to stay home and be more present for her family. Ever since she took her last drink of alcohol in July of 2015, she’s been determined to give God the glory for saving her from her addiction by helping others who are still suffering . She loves to read, boat, travel and witness the people her children are becoming as they grow in their faith through life’s milestones. Alyssa is passionate about living transparently to show how our struggles and imperfections grow us closer to God and into the people he created us to be.

Amy Saxby

Amy is a Cincinnati native. She met her husband in high school, and married young. They have four kids: one in college and three teenagers busy at home. Teaching has always been one of her passions, so she spends her days with 4th graders teaching them to find their voice through writing. She loves Jesus with all of her heart and knows that her calling in life is love God and love others well. Amy loves colorful food, coffee with friends, being in nature, and playing music with family.

Headshot, Ben Parks III

Ben Parks III is a church planter at The Valley Church in Norwood Ohio, preparing to plant Pillar of Truth Ministries in Winton Terrace. He is very passionate about God and his Word and loves to share him with everyone he knows.

Headshot, Ben Schutte

Ben is the Business Development Manager at Hosanna Revival, a Young Life leader and basketball coach at CHCA High School, and a Chipotle enthusiast. He has a passion for theology and helping the everyday Christian understand God at a deeper level.

Headshot, Brenna Blain

Brenna Blain is a wife, mom, and Christian speaker from the PNW with a BA in Theology and Biblical Studies. While she speaks on many topics, Brenna is most passionate about God's involvement in our pain and personal struggles including mental illness, same-sex attraction, and abuse. Connect with Brenna on Instagram @bunonmyhead.

Brittani Krebbs headshot

Brittani is a wife, mama, and online media coordinator at Northshore Christian Church. She recently became an author of the book, Finding Joy in Loneliness. Brittani has never considered herself a writer, but she finds that the Lord continues to use her to write pieces of hope for others. You can find her on Instagram at @brittanialexandra spending her days talking about Jesus and encouraging others in motherhood.

Brittany Allen resides in Ohio with her husband and their son. She’s a writer, co-host of the Treasuring Christ Podcast, and the Social Media Coordinator for Gospel-Centered Discipleship. Summer, reading, theology, coffee, and her son’s giggles are a few of her favorite things. You can follow her on Instagram at @brittanyleeallen and read more of her writing on her blog.

Headshot, Brittany Coburn

Brittany is a wife, homeschool mama, worship leader and podcaster from Eastern North Carolina. She has a strong passion for talking to anyone and everyone about Jesus, but is particularly fond of college students and women who want to dive deeper into Scripture. When she finds herself with free time, she enjoys writing, painting and reading all the books while enjoying a good cup of coffee or hot tea.

Headshot, Colleen Onders

Colleen is a Social Worker at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital working on the inpatient psychiatric unit, focusing on crisis care for mental and behavioral health in children. She loves camping and hiking and feels the grace of God is best experienced outside.

Headshot, Dr. Tammy Smith, PhD

Dr. Tammy Smith is a licensed counselor, mother to 2 married sons, author of 8 books, competitive tennis player, pastor’s wife, and sought-after conference speaker. Her greatest joy is Jesus and getting to share His Truth, but she also loves to laugh, sing, hug, smile, and squeeze the best out of every moment possible. See if she’s coming your way or grab a Truth-filled resource at

Headshot, Erica Boden

Erica spends her days as a consultant and her evenings as a doctoral student, yet her favorite roles are being a daughter, sister, and friend. You can find her yelling, “Roll Tide!” at a television, enjoying a long run, or writing—probably wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. An alumna of the Fulbright Program, she loves traveling and seeing the consistency of God and his love for people throughout the world. YET: The Promise in Habakkuk for Those in Transition is her first published devotional.

Headshot, Hannah O'Neil

Hannah is the customer service and public relations manager at Hosanna Revival. She is currently pursuing her Masters at the University of Akron to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. Hannah resides in the home she grew up in with her family of 6. She enjoys time spent with her husband, Nathan, and their new pup, Willow.  She loves all things cozy, including coffee, neutrals, and deep chats with her people. Hannah is a tried and true Enneagram 2 and spends much of her free time finding new ways to empower people in the small and big details of life.

Haylee Williams

Haylee is a wife, mother of two, and faithful church member. She is also pursuing an M.Div from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Haylee is most passionate about Bible literacy and biblical theology. She recently authored her first book, God of Forever, with Hosanna Revival. You can find more of Haylee on Instagram at @hayleejwilliams.

Jennifer Goodwin headshot

Jennifer Goodwin is a wife, mom, sister, friend and lifelong writer. She has co-authored three Bible studies for women on the books of Hosea, Philippians, and Esther. She also writes for an online magazine, websites, and her personal blog, Overflowing with Thankfulness. When she isn't writing, she loves to read and watch Hallmark Christmas movies. She loves all things Christmas and is known for wearing bright and sparkly earrings every day during December.

Jill Dreyer headshot

Jill lives in Cincinnati with her husband, John. She is an avid brunch hostess, former marathon runner, lover of the Lord, and kindergarten teacher. Some of her favorite things include coffee dates with friends, long walks and talks, traveling to new places, and skiing.

Headshot, Josephine D. Rose

Josephine D. Rose is a writer and Bible teacher. She shares with women the truths of Scripture, encouraging them to lean into the sufficiency of God. She has a background in psychology and biblical studies and urges women to cling to Christ in all seasons. She resides in the sunny state of Mississippi, where you'll regularly find a cup of coffee nearby and a book in hand.

Headshot, Julia Allspaw

Julia is a former special education teacher turned to stay at home mom who is currently spending her days taking care of her son, Leon. Her passion for writing started at a young age and in her spare time, she can be seen drinking a chai latte, reading anything she can get her hands on, and traveling with her husband, Jake. She loves sushi, quiet mornings, and cuddles with her English Bulldog, Penelope.

Headshot, Kathryn Tilmes

Kathryn is an INFP, Enneagram four, a big fan of personality tests, a wife, manager, and wannabe-writer. Her truest identity, though, is rooted in her relationship with Jesus. Her mission is to love God, love people, and equip young women to do the same.

Headshot, Katie Guiliano

Katie Guiliano founded Hosanna Revival in 2015 with a passion for beautiful design, and equipping women to know God in his fullness. She draws her inspiration from busy cities and picturesque landscapes. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband Nick, loves to travel, and cultivate her flower garden. The thing she finds most beautiful is people using their gifts to glorify the Lord.

Headshot, Katie Noble

Katie Noble is the founder and lead writer of Goodness Co. and the author of Pray Like This: Christ's Guide to Praying the Scriptures. She lives and writes in central Ohio with her husband, David, and two sons.

Headshot, Katie Westenberg

Katie Westenberg is a wife, mother to four, and author of I Choose Brave: Embracing Holy Courage and Understanding Godly Fear. She has a business degree from Washington State University, but her real business most days includes homeschooling her children, writing, and encouraging women in Biblical Truth, all to the glory of God.

Kelsie McCoy

Kelsie is into a little bit of everything, and it all started with her love for words. Her love of writing was inspired by Ann Voskamp and Anne Lamott and cherishing the words they share. Kelsie is a creator and maker at heart, which is why writing is such a love of hers—especially writing about the Lord and his creation. She also very much enjoys knitting, crocheting, embroidery, macrame, and watercolor. Someday she and her husband would love to have their own little homestead with sheep and chickens and a big, wonderful garden.

Lara d’Entremont headshot

Lara d’Entremont is a wife and mom to three from Nova Scotia, Canada. Lara is a writer and learner at heart—always trying to find time to scribble down some words or read a book. Her desire in writing is to help women develop solid theology they can put into practice—in the mundane, the rugged terrain, and joyful moments.

Headshot, Laura Smith

Bestselling author and speaker Laura L. Smith loves Jesus, her prince charming of a husband, their four kids, music, a good book, almond milk mochas, dark chocolate, and travel.  Her latest book, How Sweet the Sound explores the power of hymns and how they point us back to Jesus. Visit her website at:

Headshot, Lauren Deitzer

Lauren Deitzer is a graphic designer at Hosanna Revival. Hailing from Cincinnati, she can often be found at one of the city’s beautiful parks, reading a good book, chatting with a friend, or petting a dog. She is passionate about creativity, design, sharing her story, and learning from others.

Leslie is a teacher, speaker, writer, wife, homeschool mom, and devout early bird. She loves cooking in the midst of lively conversation and drinking coffee in silence. You can read her words to college-aged girls at

Headshot, Mackenzie Smith

Mackenzie is a graduate student pursuing her masters in clinical mental health counseling. Currently, she is living in southwest Ohio preparing to get married this summer to her fiance, Justin, and dreaming about what the Lord has in store for the future. Her biggest dream is to proclaim that true and real freedom is found in Jesus and it's yours for the taking.

Headshot, Malory Smith

Malory is the Operations Manager at Hosanna Revival. She lives in Cincinnati, OH with her husband Tyler and their blonde border collie, Nash. She loves a good story and wishes she could live someplace where it is always fall. She is passionate about encouraging women in their individual walks with the Lord, especially when it means they get to analyze and apply Scripture together.

Headshot, Meghan Harris

Meghan is a Cincinnatian turned Toledoan, a big advocate for therapy, a former fake blogger, and a current ICU nurse. She loves her people, her kitten, and writing about the things that are hard to talk about. Her biggest prayer is that her life and words turn people toward the light and love that is Jesus so that they know that hope and joy are possible through him.

Headshot, Mesach Kanyion

Meshach Kanyion is a pastor at Friendship United Methodist Church in Wyoming, OH. He is married with 5 children. His life’s work is to study and integrate the life and teaching of Jesus into his own life, and help others do likewise.

Headshot, Mikella Van Dyke

Mikella Van Dyke is a Bible teacher and runs the ministry Chasing Sacred. She is currently pursuing her M.A in theology.  In her free time, she enjoys hiking, playing with her four kiddos, and traveling.

Headshot, Ness Cannon

Ness Cannon, the author of our second printed devotional, I am Not in Charge, is a writer, speaker, teacher, wife, mother, small business owner, designer, pug mom, and perpetual student. Her greatest hope is to remind you that you aren’t alone. God has saved a seat for you at His table and you absolutely belong.

Headshot, Rhayna Bailey

Rhayna is an enneagram 6, a big fan of writing, and an INFJ. She finds her truest identity in Jesus and aspires to be a light to those around her.

Samantha Arp is a college student in Charleston, South Carolina studying writing and theology. She also serves as a teaching intern in her local college ministry, helps lead a discipleship ministry, and writes content for Render Women’s Ministry on the campus of Charleston Southern. Sam is concerned solely with helping people realize the true beauty of the Father through his Word, serving the local church, and cheering people on as they chase after him with their whole hearts.

Sarah Seeley headshot

Sarah Wieler is a journalist for the Times & Transcript living in Moncton, New Brunswick and there is nothing she loves more than telling a good story. Outside of her passion for writing and Jesus, she is always up for adventures, hiking, watching football, and being a youth leader at her church.

Headshot, Shanté Grossett

Shanté is the founder of Daily She Pursues, an online women’s ministry on a mission to help women pursue God’s heart through the study of the Word, cultivating prayer, and walking daily with the Lord. She is currently working on a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies at Liberty University. Some of her favorite things include tea, journaling, art museums, essential oils, and thrift shopping.

Headshot, Sheri Stil

A small town Kentucky girl at heart, who may have a love for tacos and coffee more than she should. Sheri now resides in Gainesville, Florida with her family. She is a wife of over thirty years, mother of four and a “glamma.” She is the founder of Pineapple Principle®, a ministry for teen girls; encouraging them to live out their faith by standing firm in their beliefs, owning their crown, and loving like Jesus. She is the author of two devotionals and has the Pineapple Principle podcast.

Headshot, Sophia Light

Hi! I am Sophia! I am a recent graduate of Southeastern, a university where I received a degree in Ministerial Leadership. Now I am running an online ministry on Instagram called Spark Passion and a full time campus ministry on the high school and college campuses of central Florida, encountering students with the gospel every day. I aspire to stay in ministry and expand my online ministry into writing Bible studies and books.

Headshot, Storm Crook

Storm is a Cincinnati native but currently lives in Bowling Green, Ohio. She loves her family, friends, and the Cincinnati Bengals. She spends her time hanging out with college students, playing around with a camera, and leading worship at church.

Headshot, Tabitha Panariso

Tabitha Panariso is unashamedly serious about Jesus and equally terrible at small talk. As a writer, speaker, wife, and mama, she's realized that the only way to endure is to keep the main thing, the main thing. Her mission: to help women fight for any unwavering faith in an unsteady world.

Headshot, Tara Sun

Tara Sun is the founder of Tara Sun Ministries, an online women's ministry that seeks to help others know, love, and live God's word in their own lives. Based in Oregon, Tara has found her God-given purpose in writing, creating podcast episodes, designing and mentoring women. She is a newlywed, married to her high school sweetheart, Michael. They love to hike, spend intentional time with friends, and drink a good cup of coffee.

Headshot, Taylor Karam

Taylor is a new Cincinnati-lover, originally from Columbus, but finding more beauty in the Queen City with each passing day. She teaches 8th grade Language Arts and has a passion for creating spaces where the skills of reading and writing can be explored with freedom. Catch her at Wyoming Community Coffee making your latte on the weekends, reading a book, going on a walk in a park, or perusing the aisles of Trader Joe’s.

Tristany Corgan

Tristany lives in sunny central Florida. She graduated in May 2021 with her master's degree in Biblical Exposition from Liberty University, and she works at a local Christian non-profit. She is an avid reader, amateur photographer, and self-proclaimed theology nerd, and she loves flowers, oldies music, and going to Disney World. Tristany has a passion for encouraging women to know and love the Word of God, and she writes about the Bible and theology regularly at

Will Burrows is the director of publishing and executive editor at Hosanna Revival. He is passionate about biblical literacy, biblical theology, and loves teaching and preaching the Word. He lives on Michigan’s west coast with his wife and his five beautiful, handsome, striking sons. Will blogs at and you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Executive Editor at WHEN

Will Burrows

Will Burrows is the director of publishing and executive editor at Hosanna Revival. He is passionate about biblical literacy, biblical theology, and loves teaching and preaching the Word. Will lives on Michigan’s west coast with his wife and his five beautiful, handsome, striking sons. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter, or read his blog.

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