Contributing Authors

Ben Parks

Ben Parks III is a pastor at The Valley Church in Norwood Ohio. He is very passionate about God and his Word and loves to share him with everyone he knows.

Katie Noble

Katie Noble is the founder and lead writer of Goodness Co. and the author of Pray Like This: Christ's Guide to Praying the Scriptures. She lives and writes in central Ohio with her husband, David, and two sons.

Katie Guiliano

Katie Guiliano founded Hosanna Revival in 2015 with a passion for beautiful design, and equipping women to know God in his fullness. She draws her inspiration from busy cities and picturesque landscapes. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband Nick, loves to travel, and cultivate her flower garden. The thing she finds most beautiful is people using their gifts to glorify the Lord.

Kathryn Tilmes

Kathryn is an INFP, Enneagram four, a big fan of personality tests, a wife, manager, and wannabe-writer. Her truest identity, though, is rooted in her relationship with Jesus. Her mission is to love God, love people, and equip young women to do the same.

Julia Allspaw

Julia is a former special education teacher turned to stay at home mom who is currently spending her days taking care of her 8-month-old son, Leon. Her passion for writing started at a young age and in her spare time, she can be seen drinking a chai latte, reading anything she can get her hands on, and traveling with her husband, Jake. She loves sushi, quiet mornings, and cuddles with her English Bulldog Penelope.

Ben Schutte

Ben is the Business Development Manager at Hosanna Revival, a Young Life leader at CHCA High School, and a proud graduate of the University of Cincinnati. He has a passion for teaching people about God, and helping them understand him at a deeper level.

Will Burrows

Will Burrows is the director of publishing and general editor at Hosanna Revival. He enjoys reading, writing, and preaching. He lives on Michigan’s west coast with his wife and his five beautiful, handsome, striking sons.

Colleen Onders

Colleen is a Social Worker at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital working on the inpatient psychiatric unit, focusing on crisis care for mental and behavioral health in children. She loves camping and hiking and feels the grace of God is best experienced outside.

Laura Smith

Bestselling author and speaker Laura L. Smith loves Jesus, her prince charming of a husband, their four kids, music, a good book, almond milk mochas, dark chocolate, and travel.  Her latest book, How Sweet the Sound explores the power of hymns and how they point us back to Jesus. Visit her website at:

Ness Cannon

Ness Cannon, the author of our second printed devotional, I am Not in Charge, is a writer, speaker, teacher, wife, mother, small business owner, designer, pug mom, and perpetual student. Her greatest hope is to remind you that you aren’t alone. God has saved a seat for you at His table and you absolutely belong.

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